History puts a saint in every dream

Time, it’s so typically human. To divide our days into ever smaller portions and then to be trapped inside the system we created, chained by our twelve jailers. We sit and watch the clock, willing the hand to move faster. Then we complain when the weekend disappeared in the blink of an eye and we’re back at work staring at the little black tormentor, willing Friday to come. We sing songs about it, we sit in groups and tell everyone what we have planned for the weekend.

Have you ever given any thought to why time seems fast or slow at different places on our path? Have you ever tried to represent your idea of what time looks like? Have a go, start with the days of the week, what colour are they? What does a year look like? What colour are the months, do the seasons have smells? How does it all fit together? Have a go at drawing it, put the pic in the comments.

The Earth spins in its axis, and also orbits the sun. The sun orbits the centre of our galaxy, as well as moving “up and down” a fair wack in relation to the galactic plane. Our galaxy is moving through space in line with our expanding universe. This means our planet has never occupied the same “space” in the universe. This means the type of time travel that allows our intrepid explorer to meet the Morlocks in Earth’s future is not possible, unless you factor in huge distances in an unknown direction.

This motion and expansion also means that our night sky doesn’t actually exist. What you’re seeing is how the stars were in the past. Happily, a direct result of that means that astrology is proven bullshit.

We are all travellers in time, moving forward one second every second. There’s no getting round it or out of it, the grim inevitability of the unstoppable passage of existence, leaving only the merciless ambivalence of eternity.

Time for a cocktail…. Chin chin!

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