The bucket, into which I empty my head.

What is this place?

Bluetealeaf was a blog years ago, before social media took everyone's attention away. I tried a few times to resurrect the old site, in other guises, and in other places, but it was never the same.

This is for me to replace social media... I realise it's just one for another, but it's a sort of weaning off approach. What started as a bucket has evolved into a sort of odd shed, full of shelves and boxes, and things on hooks, odd and ends, and things that might come in usefull.

What should happen, if it works... is that all the stuff I enjoy doing, like writing, photography, poetry, and anything else that makes me think, will be here in one place. So have a mooch around, there's a comment section on the blog if you have anything to say, or a contact section below

Disclaimer - By reading this site you may be exposed to language and concepts you find unsettling. Any complaints are invalid and will be treated with disdain. If you disagree with anything, you are encouraged to engage in adult discussion


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